ARTea Room Menu

Breakfast – Served until 12 Noon

At the ARTea Room we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one of our breakfasts will set you up for the day. 
Small ARTea Room Cooked Breakfast – One Fried Egg, One Chipolata, One Rasher of Bacon, One Hash Brown & Heinz Baked Beans    £6.50
Medium ARTea Room Cooked Breakfast – Two Fried Eggs, Two Chipolatas, Two Rashers of Bacon, Two Hash Browns, Black Pudding, Mushrooms & Heinz Baked Beans  £7.50
Large ARTea Room Cooked Breakfast – Two Fried Eggs, Three Chipolatas, Three Rashers of Bacon, Two Hash Browns, Black Pudding, Mushrooms & Heinz Baked Beans  £8.95
Vegetarian Breakfast – Two Hash Browns, Two Fried Eggs & Heinz Baked Beans  £5.95  

Add an extra breakfast item for just 75p, choose from; Bacon, Fried Egg, Chipolata, Beans,
Hash Browns, Mushrooms, Fried Bread or Black Pudding.

Breakfast Sandwiches       

– Choose from White, Multigrain or Gluten Free Bread
– Or Upgrade to a Baguette for an Extra 75p

Bacon, Chipolata or Fried Egg£3.95
Bacon & Fried Egg, Bacon & Chipolata or Fried Egg & Chipolata£4.95
Bacon, Egg & Chipolata£5.95

Something on Toast?  Choose from White, Multigrain or Gluten Free Bread

Toast served with butter and a choice of Jam, Marmalade or Marmite – One Slice                                                                                                               
Two Slices
  £1.50 £2.50
Eggs on Toast – Choose from Fried, Poached or Scrambled    £3.95
Heinz Baked Beans on Toast  £3.95
Egg & Heinz Baked Beans  £5.50
Chipolata & Heinz Baked Beans on Toast  £5.50
Chipolata, Egg & Heinz Baked Beans on Toast  
Cheddar Cheese on Toast
£5.95 £3.95


Served 12:00 to 3.30pm

Sandwiches, Toasties, Baguettes & Toasted Paninis

A choice of White, Multigrain or Gluten Free Bread for Sandwiches or Toasties, Fresh White or Brown Baguette or Toasted Panini

All served with lightly dressed salad leaves, homemade coleslaw & vegetable crisps – Add an Extra Filling for £1.00
Standard Fillings
Sandwiches & Toasties £5.95,
Baguettes & Paninis £6.50  
Egg Mayonnaise 
Taw Valley Mature CheddarTaw Valley Mature Cheddar & Branston Pickle
Taw Valley Mature Cheddar & TomatoTaw Valley Mature Cheddar & Onion
Home Cooked HamHome Cooked & Wholegrain Mustard
Home Cooked Ham & Onion ChutneyHome Cooked Ham & Tomato
Tuna MayonnaiseTuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn
Tuna Mayonnaise & Cheese 
French Brie & CranberryFrench Brie & Mango Chutney
French Brie & Grape 
Premium Fillings Sandwiches & Toasties £6.95, Baguettes & Paninis £7.50  
Taw Valley Mature Cheddar & Home Cooked HamHome Cooked Ham & Pineapple (Hawaiian) Goats Cheese & Sweet Chilli Sauce
Bacon, Lettuce & TomatoChicken, Lettuce & Tomato
Bacon, Brie & CranberryBacon and Tuxford & Tebbutt Stilton
Bacon & MushroomsSausage, English Mustard & Onion Chutney
Coronation ChickenChicken & Bacon
Sweet Chilli ChickenBBQ Chicken
Ploughman’sPrawns in Marie Rose Sauce
Omelette – Served with your choice of filling and dressed leaves  
Plain £3.95 Cheese £4.95 Mushroom £4.95 Cheese & Ham £5.50 Ham & Mushroom £5.50 Special – Cheese, Ham, Mushroom & Peppers £6.50

Soup of the Day

All of our soups are home made using seasonal local ingredients and come with a freshly baked roll & butter Please see our specials clipboard for today’s choice£5.50

Or perhaps you would like to try a Fresh Crisp Salad with a choice of toppings;

Egg Mayonnaise£6.50
Mature Cheddar Cheese£6.50
Home Cooked Ham£6.50
Tuna Mayonnaise£6.95
Cheese & Ham£6.95
Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce£7.50
Chicken, Bacon & Mayo£7.50
Sweet Chilli Chicken£7.50
Stilton & Bacon£7.50
Coronation Chicken£7.50
Greek Salad£7.95
Rosemary & Garlic Goats Cheese£7.95
King Prawn & Crab£8.50
Chicken & Avocado£8.50

Jacket Potatoes – Oven baked and served with a knob of butter, lightly dressed salad & homemade coleslaw with your choice of filling;

No Topping£4.95
Just Butter£5.50
Taw Valley Mature Cheddar Cheese£6.50
Heinz Baked Beans£6.50
Heinz Five Beans£6.50
Homemade Coleslaw£6.50
Tuna Mayonnaise£7.50
Vegetarian Chilli£7.50
Pork Chilli Con Carne£7.50
Coronation Chicken£7.50
Chicken Curry
Stilton, Bacon & Mushroom
Taw Valley Mature Cheddar Cheese & Heinz Baked Beans
Chicken & Bacon£7.50
Bacon, Brie & Cranberry£7.50
Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce£7.50
One Pots Homemade to a traditional family recipe, these heart warming dinners come served with either a freshly baked roll & butter or in a giant Yorkshire pudding with garden peas. 
     Roll / Yorkshire
Winter Root Vegetables or Vegetarian Chilli£7.95 / £9.95
Pork Chilli Con Carne or Chicken Curry£8.50 / £10.50
Beef & Guinness Stew or Pork & Cider Casserole£8.50 / £10.50
Lamb & Rosemary Casserole or Chicken & White Wine Hot Pot£8.50 / £10.50

Other Favourites

Home Cooked Ham, Fried Eggs & Choice of Chips             
– Small £6.50  
 Regular £8.50
Butterflied Chicken Fillet with Choice of Chips, Dressed Leaves & Coleslaw –
Hunters Chicken Topped with Bacon & Cheddar with BBQ Sauce –
Stilton, Bacon & Mushroom Chicken


Breaded Scampi, Garden Peas, Homemade Tartar Sauce & a Choice of Chips

  Salmon & Haddock Fishcakes with Dressed Leaves & Homemade Tartar Sauce  
Spaghetti Bolognese  
Homemade Chicken Curry with Rice, Poppadum & Mango Chutney  
Trio of Sausage with Mash, Onion Gravy & Peas                         – £8.95 or  In Yorkshire £9.95

Ploughman’s Lunch
Dressed Salad Leaves, Coleslaw, Roll & Butter, Chutney, Pickled Onions & Grapes

Mature Cheddar Cheese or Home Cooked Ham£7.95
Mature Cheddar Cheese & Home Cooked Ham£8.50
Tuxford & Tebbutt Stilton£8.95
Home Cooked Ham and Tuxford & Tebbutt Stilton£9.50
Mature Cheddar, Home Cooked Ham & Stilton£9.95
  Topped Fries – Your choice of chips with a Generous topping
Cheddar £3.95
Cheddar & Bacon £4.95
Chicken & Bacon £5.95
Pork or Veg Chilli £6.95
Salsa, Jalapenos & Cheese £4.95    
Side Dishes
Hand Cut Chips£2.50Onion Rings£2.95
Skinny Fries£2.50Side Salad£3.95
Sweet Potato Fries£2.95Curly Fries£2.75

Home Baked Cakes

Cakes; You will find our selection of freshly baked cakes on our cake counter, ever present favourites include; Victoria Sandwich, Coffee Cake, Gluten Free Brownies, Carrot Cake, Rocky Road and Triple Chocolate Fudge
Toasted Tea Cake:
                                                                                                             Lightly toasted & served with butter and a choice of strawberry jam or marmalade.
Cream Tea A choice of plain, fruit, cherry or gluten free oven warm scones, served with strawberry jam, Cornish Clotted cream and a selection of fresh fruit along side a pot of tea of your choice.  £5.50
Luxury Cream Tea                                                                                           
Added to our standard cream tea an indulgent glass of chilled sparkling wine.
Cake Tasting Plate A selection of five mini cakes ideal to share or perfect to enjoy on your own! A selection of three mini cakes, great if you can’t decide what to choose.  £4.95
Purbeck Dorset Ice Cream
Strawberry, Serious Chocolate, Clotted Cream, Mint Choc Chip or Vanilla Bean (125ml Tub)

Children’s Menu

Toast with Strawberry Jam One Slice of White or Multigrain Bread with Butter and Jam  £1.95
Heinz Baked Beans on Toast White or multigrain bread smothered with Heinz Baked Beans  £3.50
Heinz Spaghetti on Toast
White or multigrain bread smothered with Heinz Spaghetti
Hand Cut Chips, Fish Fingers & Heinz Baked Beans  £5.50
Hand Cut Chips, Chicken Nuggets & Heinz Baked Beans£5.50
Sandwiches – On white or multigrain bread served with vegetable crisps Cheddar Cheese, Home Cooked Ham, Egg Mayonnaise, Cheese & Tomato, Tuna Mayo  £4.95
  Strawberry Jam Sandwich  £3.95
Orange or Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Shoot£1.00


Pot of Tea – Varieties as Priced We love tea and passionately believe that loose leaves brew the tastiest flavours.   All our teas are produced under Fair trade conditions and are available to purchase in bags of 25g, 50g, 75g or 100g for you to enjoy at home.Per Person 
English Breakfast/ English Breakfast Decaf. Medium Caffeine/ Decaffeinated   The classic of classic. This blend of Assam and Ceylon teas combines strength and balance to create a full-bodied, flavoursome and universally popular tea.£2.25
Earl Grey/Earl Grey Decaf. Medium Caffeine/ Decaffeinated   Popularised in the 1830’s by Prime Minister of the time, 2nd Earl Grey, this fragrant blend has been in fashion ever since.£2.25
Assam/ Assam Decaf.                                                                Decaffeinated   A rich, malty tea from East India. The region’s climate is ideal for the tea plant, creating a tea that is full of colour and flavour.£2.65
Camomile & Lavender Decaffeinated   A luxurious blend of two flavoursome and aromatic herbs, this tea is packed with essential oils and antioxidants that will help soothe, relax, and refresh.£2.65
Camomile Whole Flowers Medium Caffeine   A member of the daisy family, camomile flowers have been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for gastronomical pains and complaints.£2.65
Ceylon Medium Caffeine   A beautiful, bright amber tea from Sri Lanka. Ceylon very refreshing and thirst-quenching.£2.65
China Gunpowder Low Caffeine   A traditional tea with a smoky aroma. So-called because the rolled leaves resemble pellets of gunpowder, which ‘explode’ in the water as they unroll.£2.85
China Jasmine Green Medium Caffeine   A half fermented tea to which fresh jasmine blossoms are added during the drying time; a classic recipe of over 1,000 years old! Ours is a gently sweet blend with a good blossom.£2.85
Darjeeling Medium Caffeine   Known as ‘The Champagne of Teas’. This region, high in the foothills of the Himalayas, is the world capital of quality teas.£2.65
Dark Cherry & Chocolate Medium Caffeine   This blend of black cherry & chocolate creates a wonderfully comforting blend, the sharpness of the cherry cuts through the creaminess of the cocoa.£2.85
Earl Grey Blue Flowers Decaffeinated   A sumptuous blend of teas from south China, Assam and Darjeeling, scented with natural bergamot, with the addition of blue cornflower petals.£2.85
Elderflower & Lemon Medium Caffeine   A lovely warming tisane with notes of lemongrass and elderberry. A refreshing tea with a fine citrus aroma. Perfect for a mid-afternoon brew.£2.85
Exotic Peach Low Caffeine   Exotic Peach Tea is a spicy new infusion of Ceylon Tea. A flavoured black tea which we layer with red Rose Blossom, Blue Cornflower Blossom and bright Yellow Sunflowers.£2.85
Formosa Oolong Medium Caffeine   This flavoursome Taiwanese tea is made from semi-fermented deep brown leaves. Frequent turning of the tea in bamboo baskets during the drying process allows Formosa Oolong to develop a mild aroma and wild, curly leaves.£2.85
Garden of England Afternoon Tea Using a blend of teas from all over Asia, it creates a complex blend of sweet, floral and malty notes.£2.85
Ginger Bread Green Tea Medium Caffeine   This Christmas decorated Green Tea is full of the sweetness of Christmas day! Festive spices such as Star Anise, Cardamoms, Cloves and Cinnamon.£2.85
Hazelnut &Vanilla Decaffeinated   A Classic scented Ceylon Black Tea from the tea growing districts of Nuwara Eliya, Uva and Dimbula. The lovely large orthodox leaves are an Orange Pekoe 1 grade tea.£2.85
Honeybush Chocolate Cake Tea Medium Caffeine   Infusing the naturally sweet flavours of Honeybush with the delights of Chocolate and rosebuds, this beverage melts in your mouth while satisfying your sweet tooth.£2.85
Lady Hamilton Medium Caffeine   A special blend of Earl Grey tea and orange slices, named after Admiral Nelson’s mistress, Emma Hamilton. This is a smooth and subtly sweet variation on a classic.£2.85
Lapsang Souchong Decaffeinated   From eastern China, this is a smoky, tarry tea. Itis made from the riper, more mature, leaves from lower down the tea bush. The tea is roasted for a short time and then smoked over exotic woods rich in resin. Very distinctive, you’ll either love it or hate it!£2.85
Lemon & Ginger Detox Medium Caffeine   This fresh detox blend incorporates digestive aids along with calming herbs. This blend is perfect to have just before bed to allow all the goodness in the herbs to do their job.£2.85
Liquorice Medium Caffeine   This Black Tea is a delicately scented Black China Tea blended with Mallow flowers. Natural liquorice oil to gives a real depth of taste and character.£2.85
Liquorice & Peppermint Medium Caffeine   An exclusive blend made especially for The ARTea Room.  We have taken a precise and balanced mix of our Liquorice and Peppermint teas to produce this blend.£2.85
Mango Tea Decaffeinated   Magnificent Mango. . This is a China and Ceylon Mango Tea blend with a delicious flavour of Tropical Fruits enriched with the scent of sweet mango and Sunflower blossoms.£2.85
Mulled Wine Tea Low Caffeine   Mulled Wine Fruit Tisane really gives you that taste and aroma of a heavy spicy winter concoction. Lovely hints of Cinnamon, Almonds and Cloves. A nice warming tisane.£2.85
Moon Palace Chun Mee Decaffeinated   Grown in the Jiangxi province, ‘Chun Mee ’means ‘Precious Eyebrow’, a vivid description of the shape of this tea’s processed leaf. Chun Mee is known for its plum-like taste and Moon Palace is a particularly special grade giving this tea an extra special sweet and smooth flavour.£2.85
Peppermint Decaffeinated   An invigorating and refreshing herb, said to aid digestion, and a delicious caffeine-free pick-me-up.£2.85
Decaffeinated   Raspberry, Cranberry & Peach Infusion
A perfect balance of sweet peach with tangy raspberries, pink hibiscus flowers and cranberries
Red Berries This intensely colourful blend of red berries, rosehips, hibiscus and dried apple produces a vivid and wonderfully scented infusion; a treat for your senses at any time of day.£2.65
Rooibos (Red Bush) Low Caffeine   A refreshing and mellow South African drink, renowned for its antioxidant properties.  Made from a broom-like member of the legume family, it has a distinctive mahogany leaf, which turns red when brewed.£2.65
Sencha Low Caffeine   A Chinese tea for every day drinking. Our Sencha has a mellow sweetness, perfectly balanced with the mild and refreshing astringency of aqua marine.£2.85
Sencha Rose Green Tea Decaffeinated   A fragrant tea that tastes as good as it looks. With apple, rosehip, blue cornflowers and pink rose petals£2.85
Thyme Decaffeinated   Thyme is a very well known as a herbal tea. Thymus was highly regarded by the ancient Greeks for its cleansing medicinal properties against illnesses and diseases. Thyme is a powerful antiseptic and an expectorant.£2.85
Turmeric Herbal Tea Medium Caffeine   When incorporated into tea, turmeric retains all of its incredible health promoting properties and, in some cases, will even be enhanced from the infusion! Turmeric is known to increase the Antioxidant capacity within the body, and therefore enables the tisane to provide as much of its healthy potential as possible!£2.85
Vanilla Based on a black tea blend of Ceylon teas delicately scented with vanilla. This luxurious golden tea has a distinct floral fragrance and sits perfectly alongside a slice of cake.£2.85
Cafetiere of Coffee We serve the best Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee from independently certified farms and co-operatives. Choose from – Medium, Strong, Extra Strong or Decaffeinated.  
Espresso £1.95 £2.25
Café Latte £2.50 £2.85
Cappuccino £2.50 £2.85
Mocha £2.50 £2.85
Americano £2.50 £2.85

Mini Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate served in a pretty teacup topped with cream and marshmallows
Hot Chocolate: A warming mug of Hot Chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows
Extra Large Hot Chocolate:
The same as above, only bigger!!  
Add a Syrup Flavour to any of the above for 50p                    Caramel, Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Hazelnut or Vanilla


Soft Drinks:   
Diet Coke/ Coca Cola Zero (330ml Bottle)
Regular Coke/ Fanta Orange/ Sprite
Fruit Juice – Apple/ Orange/ Pineapple/ Tropical/ Blueberry/ Cranberry Juice (300ml Glass)£1.95
Semi-Skimmed Milk (250ml Glass)  £1.50
Milkshake – (300ml Glass) Strawberry/ Banana/ Raspberry/ Chocolate/ Vanilla/ Mint Choc-Chip  £2.50
Mineral Water (330ml Bottle) – Sparkling/ Still  £1.95
Belvoir Presses (250ml Bottle) Elderflower/ Organic Lemonade/ Raspberry Lemonade/
Cucumber & Mint/ Pink Grapefruit
Traditional Fentimans Botanically Brewed (275ml Bottle) Rose Lemonade/ Victorian Lemonade/ Curiosity Cola/ Ginger Beer Dandelion & Burdock/ Orange & Mandarin£2.50
Heartsease Presses (330ml Bottle) Lemonade/ Elderflower/ Blackcurrant/ Apple & Rhubarb/ Ginger Beer/ Strawberry & Mint
Breckland Orchard
Plum & Cherry/ Sloe & Rose Lemonade/ Cream Soda
(275ml Bottle)
Appletiser (275ml Bottle)


 Alcoholic Drinks
Real Ale & Lagers Varieties as Stocked     £3.25
White Wine (187ml Bottle) Pinot Grigio/ Sauvignon Blanc/ Chardonnay £3.95  
Red Wine (187ml Bottle) Merlot/ Shiraz   £3.95  
Rose Wine (187ml Bottle)
White Zinfandel/ Grenache   £3.95  
Sparkling Wine (200ml Bottle)     £4.95